Chefs’ Trip to Valle de Guadalupe

Part Two

Hugo D'Acosta

Hugo D’Acosta

On our day to the Valle de Guadalupe, we spent several hours with Hugo D’Acosta the wine maker from the Casa de Piedre as he took us through his very innovative wine school and winery, La Esculita. It was truly an amazing experience and anyone coming to this area should make a point of visiting. They do make their own wine and quality wine for other growers, as well as teach the basic principles of wine growing to those just starting out.

This is all done in a converted olive oil factory where the additional buildings are built of recycled materials, most connected to viticulture–wine bottles, thick hoses, wood stakes and fragments of barrels.

Some of their wines as well as other Baja wineries can be obtained from Baja Wines.

It was an incredible experience.

Chefs' Trip Baja 2012

Chefs’ Trip Baja 2012

Our next Chefs’ trip will be to Mexico City and Puebla, September 22-29, 2013. More details will be forthcoming.

You can see more pictures from this year’s Chefs’ trip here.


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