Vows on Horseback at Rancho Pitaya

This holiday, during our usual sojourn to Oaxaca, we had the privilege of attending my good friend Mary Jane Gagnier’s spectacular and very unique wedding to Bobby Ortiz. Mary Jane and Bobby own Rancho Pitaya a deluxe B&B-style accommodation in the Valley of Tlacolula, the eastern arm of the great valley of Oaxaca 20 minutes from downtown Oaxaca. Mary Jane was led into the ceremony on her horse guided by her son, Gabriel Mendoza and wearing my white leather riding gloves from my rodeo days. True to their passion and love for their ranch, Mary Jane and Bobby took their vows while seated on their favorite horses. The ensuing party was a perfect combination of good friends, family, food, laughter and dancing! Pictures were taken by my friends Bill Blair and Shelora Sheldon.

Rancho Pitaya offers overnight rides, adventure holidays, trail rides, hiking and birding activities. Mary Jane also owns and runs a vacation rental in downtown Oaxaca at Casa Murguía. You can find Rancho Pitaya on Facebook.


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