An opportunity to cook with Diana Kennedy; Diana has turned Quinta Kennedy, her home in Michoacán, into an educational center/foundation. She is offering the first of her boot camps, The Building Blocks of Mexican Food January 18-25, 2015. Many of you have asked repeatedly when the next trip to Diana’s would be taking place, so now is your opportunity to sign up and study the basics of Mexican cuisine with Diana. The trip will start and end in Mexico City. For more details go to her website.

The Diana Kennedy Center (Fundación Quinta Diana) is a culinary research center and foundation based at the property of Diana Kennedy in Michoacán, Mexico. The center will offer intensive Mexican cooking courses with Diana, serve as a research center with access to Diana’s personal library and archives of notes, and fund organic edible gardens in local schools


2 thoughts on “An opportunity to cook with Diana Kennedy

  1. Hello Marilyn– First, my profound apologies – I just returned from a lengthy trip to Vietnam during which I didn’t check my e-mails Delighted you kept me on your list for food travel opportunities in Mexico – and certainly an opportunity to cook with Diana Kennedy should be at the top of every serious Mexican foodie’s list. Just as an aside – I used to know Diana’s sister in New York City where she worked as a well-known public relations executive. A long time ago and I still have a copy of Diana’s first book on Mexican cooking. I doubt that it was her only one. If there is still an opening for this trip, can you send me more details while I check if I can make it so soon after my return from Asia and check air fares and availability – which City would I fly into? I will certainly give it a try but must check against prior business commitments here. Looking forward to hearing more from you – and this being New Year’s Eve – my very best wishes to you and staff for a Happy & Healthy 2015. Warm regards – Hermine

    • Hermine: I did want to get back to you regarding the bootcamp at Diana’s. I have nothing to do with organizing this but rather was just passing on the information. If you are interested in attending, I suggest that you contact: as she is doing the arrangements for this trip and can provide you with any needed information. Good luck and do have a good new year.


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