“Tu Ausencia” -not just another bolero, this one is for Marilyn.

A newer bolero, written by Martha Rangel and Alberto Elorza in the ’60’s begins,

“Es tanta la pena que tengo, que no puedo ni cantar…”

I feel so much sorrow, that I cannot even sing. “Tu Ausencia“- Your Absence, is the title.

That is how I feel at this moment, so I shall not attempt to write for a few of days.

But I will again, very soon, with great joy and purpose.




A Farewell- by Ana Elena Martínez and Carmen Barnard

At the start of a new Culinary Adventures, on Jan 22nd, 2018 in Mexico City, at 6 pm, the inimitable Marilyn L Tausend, started her final adventure to the eternity, leaving from her favorite country, where she started her culinary adventures 31 years ago…
She was at peace.
Thank you Marilyn for bringing all of us together.