Gabriela Cámara is opening Cala in San Francisco


Photo by Mark Mahaney for WSJ Magazine

Photo by Mark Mahaney for WSJ Magazine

Gabriela Cámara, the restaurateur behind one of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City, Contramar is opening her first U.S. restaurant, Cala, in San Francisco this week. Lucky Sanfranciscans.

Gabriela had some help from her campañeras, the legendary Diana Kennedy who traveled from Michoacán to spend time with the cooks of Cala. This article written in the Wall Street Journal by Gaby Ulla is spot on. Please support Gabriela and the wonderful taste of Mexico that she will be bringing to the U.S. I have no doubt that we will be reading a lot about this restaurant in the future.

An opportunity to cook with Diana Kennedy; Diana has turned Quinta Kennedy, her home in Michoacán, into an educational center/foundation. She is offering the first of her boot camps, The Building Blocks of Mexican Food January 18-25, 2015. Many of you have asked repeatedly when the next trip to Diana’s would be taking place, so now is your opportunity to sign up and study the basics of Mexican cuisine with Diana. The trip will start and end in Mexico City. For more details go to her website.

The Diana Kennedy Center (Fundación Quinta Diana) is a culinary research center and foundation based at the property of Diana Kennedy in Michoacán, Mexico. The center will offer intensive Mexican cooking courses with Diana, serve as a research center with access to Diana’s personal library and archives of notes, and fund organic edible gardens in local schools

Rest. El Bajío Anniversary

Carmen Rest. El Bajío

Carmen Ramírez Degollado
Photo by Ignacio Urquiza

Our congratulations and admiration go to our good friend Carmen “Titita” Ramírez Degollado chef/owner of Rest. El Bajío and her staff as they celebrate their 40 year anniversary. Carmen now has nine locations in Mexico City: Azcapotzalco, Parque Delta, Polanco, Parque Lindavista, Reforma 222, Santa Fe, Tezontle, Acoxpa, and Insurgentes. Although the menus are almost the same, my favorite is the orignal El Bajío in the northern part of Mexico city, in Azcapotzalco where I ate my first meal there over 30 years ago with Diana Kennedy. Like our friend Diana, Carmen is a wonderful ambassador of Mexican cuisine.