Culinary Adventures

This is the official website for Culinary Adventures, Inc. founded in 1989 by Marilyn Tausend (1932-2018), cookbook author and Mexican culinary guide, with Carmen Barnard as her Mexico Coordinator.

Today, Chef Ricardo Muñoz, Carmen Barnard, and Ana Elena Martínez are honored and proud to carry on and invigorate Marilyn’s legacy.

Marilyn, with the assistance of Ricardo Muñoz, Ana Elena Martinez, and Carmen Barnard, conducted culinary trips to Mexico for over 30 years which have been highlighted in many publications including Travel and Leisure, Food Arts, Bon Appetit and the former magazine, Gourmet.

Welcome to the site and please contact us at if you have any questions.

Snail mail: 821 Ocean Crest Rd, Cardiff, CA, 92007. Phone: (760) 577-2810

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